Mike Coleman

Innovative Software Engineer Specializing in AI and ML

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Predictive Analytics Engine

FinTech Innovations

The Predictive Analytics Engine, developed for FinTech Innovations, was a cutting-edge project in the field of financial technology. PAE used machine learning models to analyze large volumes of financial data, providing predictive insights into market trends, investment risks, and customer behavior. The project's core achievement was its ability to offer real-time predictive analytics, assisting financial institutions in making data-driven decisions. PAE's innovative approach to financial data analysis significantly enhanced risk assessment and portfolio management strategies.

Smart Speech Translator

GlobalComms Inc.

The Smart Speech Translator project revolutionized real-time language translation. SST utilized advanced machine learning algorithms to provide instantaneous and context-aware translations of spoken language. It integrated natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition technologies to accurately understand and translate various dialects and colloquialisms. The project's significance lay in breaking down language barriers in international communication, making it a vital tool for global businesses, travelers, and diplomatic engagements.

HealthAI Diagnostic System

MedTech Solutions

HealthAI, a project by MedTech Solutions, represented a major advancement in medical diagnostics using AI. The project developed an AI-driven diagnostic tool that could analyze medical images, such as X-rays and MRIs, with exceptional accuracy. By employing sophisticated machine learning algorithms, HealthAI was able to detect anomalies and patterns indicative of various medical conditions, aiding doctors in early and accurate diagnoses. The system's ability to learn from each analysis made it an invaluable tool in the healthcare sector, contributing to more effective and efficient patient care.

Neural Net Vision

AI Tech Solutions

Neural Net Vision (NNV) is a pioneering project undertaken by AI Tech Solutions focusing on advancing computer vision capabilities. Using deep learning algorithms, the project aimed to develop a highly accurate and efficient image recognition system. NNV's breakthrough was its ability to process and analyze images at a speed and accuracy previously unattainable, making it a game-changer in fields like autonomous vehicles, security systems, and diagnostic imaging. The project's success hinged on leveraging cutting-edge convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and extensive training datasets to achieve unprecedented recognition accuracy.


Senior Software Engineer at TechAdvance

- Developed an AI algorithm that improved system efficiency by 35%.
- Led a team in integrating cloud computing solutions, reducing operational costs by 25%.
- Spearheaded a project that won the 'Innovative Tech Solution of the Year' award.

Software Developer at CodeWorks

- Designed and implemented machine learning models that increased processing speed by 40%.
- Collaborated in a cross-functional team to develop a highly-praised customer analytics tool.
- Played a key role in migrating legacy systems to modern, scalable platforms.


Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence 

Advanced Technology Institute

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 

Tech University



(987) 765-4321 

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